Mike French
Owner at AIR 817 Dallas, Texas

"The Summit gave my company the opportunity to get in front of the right customers at the right time. I would have had to invest countless hours, energy and effort..including 10's of thousands of dollars to achieve the type of gross revenue increase I experienced while working with them as a past sponsor."


Sponsorship Investment:

Net Revenue Generated:

Greg Hoffman
Owner Roofing Contractor Marketing
Centennial Colorado

“The SRC Summit is THE event restoration contractors need to attend more than any other roofing expo or roofing event out there. The SRC focuses on the BUSINESS and how to grow it, not the new widget, gadget, product etc. The BUSINESS PRACTICES is what makes a restoration contractor successful in the long term.”

“The SRC is all about GROWING YOUR BUSINESS and learning best practices to be successful. This is the most important thing above all else - you have to have a Business Plan built on proven business practices. This is the mission of the SRC and they hit it out of the park every year.”

“The SRC is a great event for us - and RCM has sponsored each year of it’s existence. The types of contractors we meet at the SRC are our ideal clients. This event gets us in front of some great operators - the kind of companies we would love to be partners with. The ROI for us is substantial and we look forward to being a part of this event for many years to come.”

ROI? “We recouped our Sponsorship Investment 15 fold in eight months.”

MY ROI: 1,500%

Sponsorship Investment: $4,500