Ron White

Brain Athlete
Mastery of Ceremonies


Ron White is a 2 Time USA Memory Champion. He has held the record the fastest to memorize a deck of cards in the USA. For last 27 years he has traveled the world giving his talk, ‘Triple Your Memory – Triple Your Business.’


His strategies have helped people to build relationships by remembering names and faces, remembering what they learn and developing quick, sharp and powerful brains. You may have seen him on the new Fox tv show with Mike Tyson ‘Superhuman’, Good Morning America, Fox and Friends Morning Show, front page of the Wall Street Journal, CBS Early Show, the History Channel’s Stan Lee’s Superhumans or dozens more shows over the last decade.


In 2010 University of Texas scientists conducted an MRI on his brain as he memorizes and found that 35% more of his brain is activated when he memorizes than the average person. Ron will share specifically how he does this and how you can engage 35% more of you brain’s capability.


He is the author of an exciting new memory training program titled ‘Black Belt Memory’. His goal is to help everyone meet and remember 100 new people in next 12 months. In his talk you will learn how to develop a quick, sharp and healthy brain as you use it to be more productive and profitable. Ron served in the US Navy 2002-2010 and completed a tour of Afghanistan in 2007


Bullet points of what you will learn


In Ron’s talk he will memorize the names in the audience and a 50 digit number right before your eyes! From there he will teach you to:

  • Remember names to build relationships
  • Remember what you read or learn from conferences to 10x your knowledge at incredible rates
  • Give speeches from memory to be a more confident speaker
  • Trust your memory more as you develop a quick, sharp and healthy brain