David Carlson

Co-Founder Eagleview / Co-Founder Met-Loop

David Carlson is a successful entrepreneur who is best known for his role as a co-founder of EagleView, an industry-leading company that invented patented software that produces 3D models resulting in aerial roof and wall measurement reports that are extremely accurate and detailed. Over eight years, the company developed into a business generating millions of dollars per year in revenue and then sold for over $700 million.

David Carlson also has experience in building and growing businesses in many different facets and industries, including auto repair, construction, weather technology, and the hospitality industries. He is a leader in innovation and technology who understands the needs of insurers, contractors, and consumers. Mr. Carlson co-founded the most accurate predictive weather technology company that has been utilized by businesses to maintain and increase their customer base and revenue in ways never accomplished.

Mr. Carlson has spent his career implementing new ideas and techniques that radically change the paradigm of the offering and in many cases the industry.

He is a distinguished 7-year military veteran and resides in Texas raising his two boys.